Shopify Product Personalisation App Launch

Updated: Spiff Shopify App Store Approved: Downloadable Here

One of the most technically difficult things any online store owner can do is to offer personalized products to their customers.

Everyone wants a product personalised exactly to their needs, but businesses find this can be an impractical, costly nightmare to execute.

Being able to show what the product customisation will look like visually to users prior to purchase, is even more challenging.

Shop owners are either resigned to using a long series of product variation fields or a clunky user interface. Alternatively, a lengthy back and forth communication trail with mock-ups and attachments via email will occur.

All of this extra effort requires more resources and can give the wrong impression to potential buyers. More often than not, shop owners have put customisation and personalisation into the ‘too hard’ basket, avoided it completely.

Spiff’s New Product Customisation App for Shopify

The new Spiff Shopify app is rolling out world-wide in the next couple of weeks and fixes these problems entirely.

See this picture below which shows how our browser-based, 3D product personalisation application works on Shopify.

Shopify Product Personalisation App Launch

Taking Personalisation to the next level

Spiff’s Shopify Product Personalizer app allows users to personalise products online in 3D, in real-time.

With the help from Spiff staff, we can get you up and running to you can offer this experience to your customers within 24 hours.

Christmas is around the corner and everyone is looking for gift ideas for their loved ones. Being able to personalise gift products is so powerful at driving sales.

Our product is popular with store owners who also offer product ranges suitable for birthday’s, events and corporate B2B.


Test this Shopify App on a live store

Brewtopia (Australia’s largest private label beverage fulfillment company) were launching a new Shopify store and were looking for an app to replace their existing custom solution coded for their legacy Magento installation.

Spiff’s new Shopify Product Personalisation Application was installed on their new store which saved the client 10 times the cost of their previous solution.

Visit and click the ‘Personalise’ button to see how this works.

For more examples of the 3D product models we’ve put online visit our Shopify demo site.

In Situation Backgrounds

See this example below of a personalised set of cricket stumps you can design online. Being able to place your 3D product within a 360 degree background allows you to show your customers how they might imagine it in a realistic usage situation.

3d cricket stumps

Printing & Fulfillment Integration

Spiff can also integrate seamlessly into your production and product fulfillment process (printing, labeling, fulfillment center etc.). This allows for true, hands-off mass personalisation at scale.

Become one of the first people to use our app

Step 1 – Go to the Shopify App store and download the app.

Step 2 – Activate the app on your store and follow the installation instructions (adding a snippet of code into your theme). Contact us if you need assistance doing this.

Step 3 – Send us pictures of your products from all angles and we’ll quickly build a 3D custom design template of your product. This will allow them to appear within the product image area on Shopify and activate any personalisation features you wish in 3D.

Step 4 – We will help you get the word out there and create some social media buzz like we did for Brewtopia. We’ll even make a live video recording of the product customisation process and send it to you to use in your content strategy

Step 5 – You can apply to join our affiliate/re-seller network so your products can be sold by other websites and vice versa if you wish. Join our Spiff community network with other store owners.

Step 6 – Help us spread the word and refer us to another Shopify store owner to earn credits – reducing the cost even more – earn up to $1000/year in Spiff credit

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