We have reached a point where mass-produced items have lost some of their appeal. Spiff enables consumers to purchase unique, customised and exotic products which services the changing demand of consumers.


E-commerce Retail

A 3D product customiser, web-based, that integrates via a seamless plugin installation into your existing eCommerce platform, including Shopify, WooCommerce and BigCommerce. Create the design templates yourself or leverage our expert team.

Bricks & Mortar Retail

Partner with stocked brands and offer experiences that will increase in-store foot traffic. Cross-sell, up-sell and induce loyal heavy-buying behaviour that drives revenue over the short and long-term. Build augmented reality campaigns where the hero Is the consumer. Consumers want to be the star. Make them the star of your store experience whilst delivering brand messages.

Connect With A Real Spiff Representative

We will walk you through every step of the way from setting up a product, creating a campaign and inviting partners to participate.

Consumers interested


Willing to wait longer


Paid more for a product



Check out some examples of how other corporates are using the Spiff 3D customisation software.

Brand Management Options

Character Limits

Set character limits and control the characters used when users are designing. You can also add pre-approved messages using this function will reduce risk to 0% with pre-approved, formatted messages.

Live Reporting

See orders and filter by location, product against a time line.

Moderation Of Orders

Pass user imagery with a confidence level of 95% and moderate the 5% that sit on the edge where approval will allow an order to be fulfilled and rejection will cancel the order and raise an alert with the partner.

Nudity Detection

Moderate all images flagged with a certain confidence level.

Profanity Filter

Create, manage and update words that cannot be said on your branding. Be notified when too many attempts for bad words are made. Suspend offending partners immediately upon notification of repeated attempts.

Manage Partner Locations

See partner orders live. Switch partners on/off at the touch of a button.

Partners We Work with

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