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Enterprise Retail

Contact us directly for if you are an enteprise e-commerce or bricks and mortar retailer who sells large volumes of product on a daily basis such as our customers, BigW and Vegemite.

E-commerce 3D Product Customiser

We have dedicated integrations for Shopify, Woocomerce and BigCommerce e-commerce platforms. If the plans detailed below do not suit your requirements, or you have further questions, please contact us 


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9.95USD14 day Free trial

3 products*

Limit 10 Transactions/month

3 Configured Designs (Workflows)

Bronze Customisation Features

High-res PDFs

Email Support

Free Feature Upgrades



For small stores
29.95USDPer Month

50 products

Unlimited Transactions (% fee applies)

Unlimited Designs (Workflows)

Silver Customizer Features

View Orders + High-res PDFs

Step Groupings

Augmented Reality

Autosend Print Files to your email

Cart Preview

Email/Web Conferncing

Customize 'Personalize Now on Spiff' Button 

*transaction fee of 1.9% of total customisation cart. Capped at $15



For busy stores
99USDPer Month

All of the 'Starter' feature plus...

Unlimited Products

Unlimited Designs

Asset Repository

Gold Customizer Features

Customer AR Personalised product placement

Advanced Order Routing

Set Custom Pricing

Branded Configurator Loading Page

*transaction fee of 1.9% of total customisation cart. Capped at $15





For large stores
249USDPer Month

All of the 'Customizer' Features plus...

Advanced Web Integrations

Custom Order Routing

Impostion and order rule setting

Customer Facing Services 

Order Moderation Module

Connections to 3rd Fulfilment via API 

*transaction fee of 1.9% of total customisation cart. Capped at $15

Transaction Cost

Spiff delivers a state of the art system which is constantly updated and improved to maintain your competitive advantage over non Spiff users. Our subscription plans are kept low so that we can allow small merchants with low volumes to an affordable world leading personalisation platform. Our transaction fee is 1.9% of total customisation cart. This is on top of the subscription fee and is charged monthly through your ecommerce provider. Our fees have a floor of $0.10 cents and are capped at $15. So if your cart total is $1000 the maximum you will pay is $15.

3DF Model
3D Modelling
Workflow New
Personalisation Templates
Custom Text
Font Creation

Materials and Texture Creation


Patchwork Mosaic Art Illustrating

Features Inlcuded


Use frames to upload an image inside a specific shape.


Use patchworks to create unique variations of designs.


Use text to write messages to your loved ones.

Augmented Reality

Use augmented reality to create an interactive experience with your designs.

Image Uploads

Use image uploads to upload your favourite images to your designs.

Character Customiser

Use the character customiser to build your very own mini-me.

Commonly Asked Questions

Most customers need to first create a 3D model of their product. One of the first things we need to do, is to create this for you if you don't already have one available. Some customers already have a CAD file or similar 3D design file which can be easily turned into the file type that is needed. We can also work with you to create your bespoke customisation design workflow and integrate into your fulfillment systems to make this whole process a breeze for you and your customers.
If we have access to an appropriate 3D model and you can tell us all the different variations and design parameters which you need your customers to be able to personalise, we can have you up and running within one business day.
Our pricing model is based on three main costs. The first is set-up which covers app installation, 3D model creation, design workflow creation, and any technical activation within your e-commerce platform of choice. The second is a monthly fee to use our app on your store. The third (if you go over your allocated allowance) is a small fee per unique product transaction. This charge is only incurred per unique design, so if one customer creates a personalised design but orders 10 of the same design, we would only view that as one transaction on our end, not 10.
Yes of course. It's in our interest to make sure your customers are using our tech to purchase personalised products on your store. This is after all, how our revenue model works. While we have rigorously tested our product, we are always ensuring it works smoothly and updating and improving the features. In the bottom right of this page you can contact our support staff and all requests are logged an followed up. A lot of our customers need guidance on how to manufacture and fulfill these customised products which isn't always straight forward. We can also assist here.
You can get a 3D model of your product/s in a few ways. If you already have a 3D design file, you can normally export this file into the format that is needed for our system. Otherwise you can request one to be made for you from a Shopify Expert or a Freelancer. Alternatively, we have a 3D modeler on hand to help you out.
Yes, while we are an Australian-based startup, we have customers from all over the world from some very large multi-national companies, down to a small online store.

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