Our Technology

No longer do you have to invest tens of thousands of dollars, employ a specialized army of workers, wait months or wrangle between department silos. We've created a new flexible engine from the ground-up and blended this with a collaborative project platform. The time and monetary costs that usually plague these projects have been slashed. Faster, better quality, lower cost, personalisation is now possible.

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How It Works

The Spiff suite of products and services can broadly be defined as brand experience building tools. Spiff technologies use personalisation as a way of delivering increased interactivity between the brand and its consumers. Spiff is made up of three main technologies, The Spiff Hub, 3D product customiser and our bespoke cloud based AR engine.


More Control


More Interaction


More Magic


The Spiff Hub

Use the Spiff Hub to create and manage campaigns on a whim. Cost-effectively, no development required. Use Spiff content creators to create assets. Partner with retailers and provide access to campaigns and control every aspect of the experience. The Spiff Hub allows brand/product owners to easily partner with retailers, content creators and manufacturers to create engaging personalisation campaigns. Spiff Hub removes all barriers to personalisation and in doing so provides a suitable environment for collaboration.


3D Workflows

Use the Spiff 3D product customiser to present choice to your consumers in an interactive way. 86% of customers say they would pay more for great customer experience. Create Spiff design workflow templates quickly and easily apply those designs to your 3D product.
Animate the 3D model to simulate real-life use of your product.


Spiff AR

The Spiff AR engine is our proprietary bespoke image recognition data matching algorithm that when used with the Spiff editor can automate and simplify the creation of personalised AR experiences.

Workflow Features

Users can now customise your producs like a graphic design professional without an ounce of design knowledge. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat WordPress or Shopify.


Advanced Editor

Whilst most customers enjoy being led through a deisgn workflow due to its ease and intuitiveness, their are some customers that just need more. Our advanced editor can be made available to your customer by allowing them to toggle between the advanced and guided modes. The advanced editor allows your cusomters to position text, images and illustrations where they want on the canvas. Control the elements and the regions they can work in and lock specific elements (like your logo) from being deleted or manipulated. Users can flip, mirror, copy, size and choose from as many assets (fonts, illustrations, images) that you makme availble to them. 


Quick Print

Quick print is our solution which allows the merchant to submit orders without having to navigate the e-commerce site. Traditionally used as an instore solution where consumers or store clerks as completing the customisation procress face to face. We call it quick print because you can have a personalisation completed in as little as 3 seconds. 

Developers First

At spiff we are constantly building our developer knowledge base in an effort to continuously improve the ease in which outside developers can interact with our API's. We regularily publish updates and add documentation to make integrating with spiff seamless

Good documention is so important. Our goal is to continously improve which we hope will make the integration process with spiff smooth and enjoyable.