Meet The Team

We have it all in this team. We are young, we are innovative, we push boundaries.

We are able to leap tall buildings in a single bound and oh yes we developed this platform as well. We are here to help!



Founder & CEO

With experience spanning 20 years across the business, finance and print manufacturing sectors, Shadi Taleb has always focused on delivering value through innovation. A serial entrepreneur, Shadi's goal is to democratise product personalisation by making it affordable and accessible to any sized merchant anywhere in the world. He is also a self-proclaimed tennis champion.




Stewart is a technical leader with over 15 years of industry experience ranging across different platforms and technologies. Stewart has worked in both startups and in enterprise companies and has a proven track record for delivery of highly scalable and robust solutions for complex problems. He's also great at folding his hands for photos and is a terrible basketball player.




Raised in the Byron Shire hinterland nurtured Natasha’s creative talents. Painting, drawing and sculpting as a toddler in her mum’s studio, gave meaning and identity to the world around her. These formative years laid a foundation for Natasha’s artistic passions and pursuits. Moving to Melbourne in 2014 to further her art practice and pursue her goal of designing new and exciting things.




Liam studied computer science at RMIT and game development at AIE. He enjoys aviation, computer programming & playing video games.




Born and raised in Dandenong. Studied IT at the University of Melbourne. He enjoys video games and swing dancing. The image displayed is not an actual photo; he is, in fact, a tortoise.



Junior Creative

3D artist based in Melbourne. I use Blender to make models, though I do not necessarily own a blender. On a rare occasion, I wear something colourful, but for the most part, I’m monochromatic.