Your users can now customise your products like a graphic design professional without an ounce of design knowledge.


Character Builder

This feature allows you to create any character with any number of variations of that character. This feature is especially good for children story books and even works with augmented reality!

Advanced & Guided Mode

Allow users to follow a rigid set of steps that you build with our 3D Product Workflow Builder. For those products where brand control is not required, allow the user to switch from workflow to advanced mode. In advanced mode, the user can use the might and power of our web-based design editor. Change colours of text, illustrations, re-size, change and upload their own assets as well as many more features.


Augmented Reality

Allow users to build their own AR experiences with your brand. It's simple, it's easy and very very powerful.

Customise Illustrations

Allow users to add pre-defined illustrations to further customise their product. Remember, you have complete control over how these are used.


Bespoke Fonts

Turn your brand logo into a font! Allow users the privilege of typing their name onto your product. Moderate what can and can't be typed with our back end profanity filter.

Photo Uploads

Allow users the ability to upload their pictures onto your products, apply special filters to further augment the user experience.



Make every user design unique. Every time a user clicks on your they will get a different view of it. Works great in conjunction with augmented reality workflows.

Quick Print

An instore editor for high volume entries. Set locations for stores and allow your location users (staff) the ability to submit multiple orders in seconds with a quick preview each time. (9)-min

Image Frames

This feature allows you to upload your own photo and turn it into any shape using our customised frames!

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