Join The Personalisation Revolution

Spiff's engine will power the next wave of personalisation in the world. Join our team as we expand from our base in Melbourne, Australia to the rest of the world. Be part of the development of propietary technology which is pushing the boundaries of 3D rendering, augmented reality and 1:1 personalisation at scale. Work with some of the preminent world-leading experts. Learn, contribute and build your career. Be part of an early-stage startup experiencing rocket-ship growth before we go public. 

Would you fit in?

The Spiff team believes in some common values - egalitarianism, progressiveness, democratization. Founder and CEO, Shadi is a veteran of the print industry and has pioneered personalisation technology within that sector. Spiff has allowed him to take this extensive industry experience, working with some of the largest brands in the world, and distilled this knowledge into the creation of the Spiff personalisation engine. If you join the Spiff team, you'll be looking to be part of this new wave of technology that takes AR from the creatively "kitchy" phase to the commercially valuable phase.


Brands Large & Small

Christmas 2018 at Big W. The happy store clerk with a wall of personalised Maltesers tubs being personalised via Spiff software and hardware. Over 3000 sold units in one week.


Use workflows to animate any 3D model to simulate real-life use of your product. Build any combination of steps for personalisation turning the consumer into a confident designer.


Augmented Reality

AR is our proprietary bespoke image recognition data matching algorithm that when used with the Spiff editor can automate and simplify the creation of personalised, dynamic AR experiences in real-time.

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Our Mission

Spiff is on a mission to let the best ideas win. Our technology will power the next wave of personalisation, especially within the lucrative, emerging AR industry. We will provide the platform - brands, creators and facilitators will collaborate together and use it. By breaking down technological barriers we will encourage broader adoption of personalisation tech by brands who will create better brand experiences for their customers which will in turn, will level the playing field and allow the best brands in the world to win.

Perks & Benefits

Smart and flexible solutions


Professional Development

Work on the bleeding-edge of world-first technology. This will stretch the skills of even the most skilled professional as we use a diverse set of languages and technologies. Typescript, React, Kotlin, .NETcore, Unity, container technology such as Docker, 3D and AR rendering. All projects are greenfield. Learning towards a micro-services style architectures. AWS cloud infrastructure. Adobe creative cloud.


Australian Work Entitlements

Spiff is bound by Australian workplace laws and the generous entitlements this provides all of our staff.


Secret Benefits

Do we have a coffee machine, street fighter arcade machine, ping-pong table, rock-climbing wall and more? Reach out to our team to find out.


Health & Wellness

From team tennis, ice-hockey, hikes, winery visits and more. We value your health and mental well-being. We believe, healthier, happier staff work better, collaborate better and create a better work atmosphere.

What to expect working for Spiff

We are a modest, but growing team of professionals. This is what you can expect.


01. Ideas

Working in greenfield environments, pushing boundaries into the unknown. You will be exposed to an idea-friendly and problem-solving environment.


02. Creativity

Pushing into the unknown requires creativity. You'll need to be comfortable being creative in a focused manner.


03. Planning

We're clear about what we have created already, where we are heading and why. The atmosphere will be creative, but not directionless or unintentionally chaotic.


04. Success

We're focused on achieving valuable outcomes, both for the company and those who work for it.

Career Opportunities

We will have future opportunities available. Contact us to start a conversation and check back on this page for any officially advertised positions

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