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This blog talks to the many techniques being used by brands around the world to increase brand interaction through customisation using the latest customisation techniques including augmented reality.


Create 3D product images for online stores

Follow the instructions below to add a 3D product model to your online store. If you require any assistance or clarification with these instructions please contact James or get in contact via our contact page. Step 1: Install the Spiff 3D Product Customiser app Search for our app in the…

New Customer Secures Spot on Dragons’ Den Episode

International customers keep flocking to our Shopify 3D Product Customizer application. Simon Bourne from The Hand Dyed Shoe Co. was tonight featured on the Dragons’ Den TV program on BBC Two. Here’s the episode in case you missed it. Simon approached Spiff to find a solution he required for the…
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20 Personalised Gift Ideas You Never Knew Existed – Part 2

This is part 2 of an article series which examines how 20 different online businesses are using personalisation to push boundaries within the fiercely competitive online retail sector. These Australian eCommerce businesses are all embracing technology and redefining conventional product strategy within a burgeoning, yet niche sector. Before you read…
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20 personalised gift ideas you never knew existed – Part 1

Dale Carnegie once said, “a person’s name is to that person, the sweetest and most important sound in any language”. Friends and family use your name all the time. Everyone has received at least one email which has your your name in it and might talk about your situation. But,…

Spiff launches on ProductHunt

Spiff has officially launched on Product Hunt. Upvote and learn more about our products via the Product Hunt website or by clicking the icon below.

Shopify App approval opens up $59.27bn+ global market

Spiff’s proudly announces today that our e-commerce app has today been approved for sale on the official Shopify App Store. Shopify has very stringent rules around quality and service, so the team is very proud to have achieved the level of quality required to join this extensive global community.  Successful…
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Vegemite First To Embrace New WooCommerce Plugin

Vegemite has traded barbs with rival brand, Marmite all Summer, especially during the Ashes, which has kept  English and Australian populations entertained via a constant stream of witty banter. Parent company, Bega approached Spiff to help find a technical solution for the planned launch of a new e-commerce website. While…

Shopify Product Personalisation App Launch

One of the most technically difficult things any store owner can do is to offer personalized products to their customers online Everyone wants a product personalised exactly to their needs, but this of often an impractical, costly nightmare to execute for merchants. Showing what the customized product will look like…

Big W and Nestlé launch world-first Christmas gift solution

Big W partnered with Spiff to launch a world-first gift personalisation service that’s helping draw customers into stores in time for Christmas 2019. Nestlé, Big W and Melbourne tech startup Spiff, joined forces to execute a product personalisation campaign across approximately 100 Big W stores around Australia. Customers could visit…

Create your own beer brand in minutes

A new wave of personalised products are hitting the Australian market in time for Christmas. From getting a message plastered on the back of your Bond’s undies to printing your name on a bar of Toblerone to the reappearance of Coke’s famous ‘Share a Coke’ campaign. Personalised products seem to…

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