Big W and Nestlé launch world-first Christmas gift solution

Big W has partnered with Spiff to launch a world-first gift personalisation service that’s helping draw customers into stores in time for Christmas.

Nestlé, Big W and Melbourne tech startup Spiff, joined forces to execute a product personalisation campaigns across approximately 100 Big W stores around Australia.

Customers can visit their local store and personalize the packaging of specially-marked Allen’s lolly tins or KitKat packs with a name of their choosing (see image below)

Big W and Nestlé launch world-first Christmas gift solution

Personalised Augmented Reality

A complementary Spiff mobile app can then be used to activate a personalised augmented reality experience, which is being touted as a world-first (see video below).

” Spiff Personalised AR (augmented reality) has meant brands can let their customers become the star of the show. Consumers are finally really being engaged by AR”, says Spiff founder Shadi Taleb.


How it works

Simply walk into a local Big W, locate a special point of sale display, take a product to the printing counter and order your own customised label sticker which is applied to the packaging by staff.

Upon downloading the Spiff app, you can then hover the camera over the packaging which then automatically activates the personalised AR experience.

Both products start at $10 each and will be available till Christmas or until stocks last. Early sales have been strong, so fans are encouraged to purchase early to avoid missing out.

Shadi explains how the collaboration came to fruition. “Big W approached us with a desire to push the boundaries of innovation with a vision to differentiate themselves within the crowded retail market. Many retailers are starting to offer personalised names on products during the busy Christmas period and gift-buying is always in high demand. Our tech platform quickly enabled Big W to deliver a world-first personalised AR campaign that takes brand engagement to the next level.  Being able to offer customers the ability to view an animated AR experience that is personalised to them is a real game changer.”

For more information contact Shadi or any Spiff representative

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